Saturday, July 7, 2018

An Update on Auditions for Esther

Today was the first day for auditions for One For All Musical Theater's production of Esther.  Note: All students 8 years old and up will need to come prepared to sing 12 measures of a favorite song, with a CD or piano accompaniment, and a short dance segment.  Students 12 years old and up will also need to be prepared to do a short reading from the Esther script.

Also note:  To be clear, all students 3 years through high school are required to pay the $50 non-reimbursable entrance fee (maximum of $100/family) and the reimbursable $50 (per family) fund-raising deposit.  These fees guarantee a spot in the cast.  Students may opt to be in the crew if they do not desire to be on stage. 

All college-aged students do not have to pay any fees, but donations are welcome.  However, a spot in the cast is not guaranteed, but crew work will be offered.

Please read the previous news announcements for all other details.