Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fun, Fellowship, and Fundraising!

As August zooms by, we'd like to update you on the latest events swirling around in One For All Musical Theater.

First, we are currently creating music for a filming event, involving video production with the music.  Students who have auditioned for Esther, may participate in the creating of the video, or actually be in it, and experience film making.
Second, "Cinderella," One's first musical production, is currently in the marketing phase.  Students who have auditioned for Esther, are welcome to participate in helping record the C. soundtrack that is in progress, now, in the recording studio.
Next, if you haven't auditioned for our second musical production, Esther, there are three auditions left:  Saturday, August 18th, from 10 am.- 2 pm., Saturday, August 25th, from 10 am.- 2 pm., and 6pm.- 10 pm., at Rockbrook United Methodist Church.  A piano accompaniment will be provided.  The doors are always opened, but major roles will be cast soon, after the cast call backs (for adults only) scheduled Saturday, September, 8th.

For further clarification, students 3 yrs.- high school, there is a $50 entrance fee per student, $100 for families with 2 or more students in the production, a $50 security deposit that will be reimbursed in January 2019, if each family has completed the requirements of raising, or paying (if can't attend) a minimum of $10 per fundraiser, for a total of 5 "fun"- draisers ($50), all, of which is due at auditions.  Each fundraiser will be a great time of fun and fellowship!
T-shirts can be ordered at auditions.  They are $18 each.
All college-aged adults and older, are asked to help with fundraising, by raising, or paying (if can't attend) a minimum of $10 per fundraiser - $50 without a T-shirt, and  $58 with a T-shirt.

Also, there will be a Cabaret Show presented Sunday,  August 26th, at 7 pm., at Rockbrook UMC, in the sanctuary.  It will be a great time for fellowship, as well,  with great music performed by gifted performers.  All family and friends are invited.  Donations are welcome.  Refreshments will be served.  There is not a charge.

Finally,  beginning acting-intensive theater classes will begin in January, 2019, at Rockbrook UMC.  Each class will be $10.  They will be held from 2 pm - 4 pm on Saturdays, beginning in January.

We are looking forward to seeing you all.  Have a great year!

Mrs. Moore
Executive Director