Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Friends in Harmony

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 Warm greetings Esther family!                                

 As we focus on getting ready for the production of 'Esther', let us be reminded that our time together is an opportunity to make new friends, enrich our lives, not only through the art, but through meaningful fellowship and fun, creating fond memories to last a lifetime.

Be sure to check the calendar for specific dates and times for special events, and when things are due.

The "littles" (3 to 7-year-olds) do not have to come to rehearse until January, unless otherwise instructed by the staff. 

Check with staff if you have any questions regarding fundraising.  Village Inn pies are due to be sold, and money turned in by November 16th. 

T-shirts have been ordered, and should arrive around October 19th. 

This week, tickets will go on sale for the show on Eventbrite, at $15.00 each.  Free admission for children 2 years and younger. 

Have a great time at rehearsal Friday evening!

Mrs. Moore
Executive Director