Sunday, November 18, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings Dear Esther Family!

I trust you are all doing well, and ready for a break!

Just a few reminders before our next rehearsal.

First, congratulations on everyone "coming through" for "Esther," in selling their Village Inn pie cards on time!  Job well done!

There are three fundraisers left to complete:
1)  Pre-sell at least 2 show tickets ($15/each = $30 total) for the "Ticket Raffle" fundraising event for the drawing at our pizza party, Friday, Dec. 14.  You will need to return the ticket sales before Dec. 14.  The last day to turn in funds is Friday, Dec. 7, at rehearsal.

2)  "Singing for Seniors" - Concert on Friday, Dec. 14, at Brookstone Meadows in Elkhorn, NE.  Check calendar for time and location address.

3)  "Pizza Party" - Friday, Dec. 14, at Bethany Lutheran Church in Elkhorn, NE.  Check calendar for time and location address.  You will need to sell at least 5 pieces of pizza at $2/each.  Please invite friends and family to the concert and party.

T-shirts are on sale, now, to family and friends, and anyone who might want one.  $30 for three, $25 for two and $14 for one.

Our next rehearsal is upstairs on Friday, Nov. 30.  Check the master schedule and daily call for more details.  Shoulder shots will be taken for those who need one from 6:30 to 8:00 pm that night.

Please note:  rehearsal may go as late as 10 pm for some.  The King and Queen (Esther) will be photographed in costume for 'Omaha Magazine', as well that evening.

If you have any questions, you can reach the staff or myself at

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Gratefully yours,
Mrs. Moore
Executive Director