One For All Musical Theater, founded by Mrs. Kim Moore, is a faith-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization operating in the Omaha Metropolitan Community, serving the community in various unique meaningful ways since its official formation in 2018.  It embraces all ages, 3 years through adult.  

Each production is all-original, and is written from, or accompanied by, a Christian perspective, embracing Christian principles.  They are each an exquisite tapestry, carefully and creatively woven, with personal, theatrical, and spiritual threads, intertwining into a wonderful masterpiece.  One For All Musical Theater offers high-quality theater to all who would like to be a part of the production. No one is turned away - everyone participates in some fashion. We allow each person to choose their place of preference - on stage, behind the scenes, in the orchestra, in various technical aspects - guaranteeing participation in the musical production. 

Theater classes are taught, free piano lessons given, vocal and dance coaching given, instrumental mentoring provided through the live orchestra experience, carpentry and painting experience is offered through set design and building, and a whole host of skills learned.

It is our goal to offer a high-quality musical theater experience and opportunity across the fine arts spectrum, encouraging all participants to work inside or outside their comfort zones. At One For All Musical Theater, everyone is encouraged to develop their theatrical and/or musical talents. This type of atmosphere promotes personal growth and self confidence in a semi-professional environment that is both comfortable and supportive, yet challenging and exciting.  We have some of the best professionals in the area working with us to make each production the best it can be.

One aspect of our organization is the pairing of the strengths of established theater and fine arts community members, stepping up to help participating students, for the growth and development of our next generation of musicians, artists, architects, builders, and so many more skilled individuals, enabling and fostering their ability to reach their full potential.

May One For All Musical Theater become a safe place for all to come and experience not only the best of musical theater but also unconditional love and acceptance, like a light rising on the horizon, becoming more brilliant as it shines on all who want to see.  May dreams come true!

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