Cinderella 2022

The Phantom of the Opera 2021

"The Phantom of the Opera," based on Gaston Leroux's classic book, an original musical, was performed in March 2021, in the beautiful Assembly Hall of the Salvation Army Kroc Center, in Omaha, Nebraska.

"The Phantom of the Opera", an all-original Broadway-like musical production, was the most challenging production that One For All Musical Theater has yet produced, but by far, presented the most stunning theatrical features yet attempted.  From live animals, gorgeous props, exotic costumes, massive stage sets with a revolving center stage, and upper-tier catwalks with trap doors, to a huge crashing chandelier, the intricately-woven story was filled with beautiful, humorous, and intensely dramatic music throughout. 

The technical aspect of the show required a large staff and demanded a high level of creativity to ensure the smooth functioning of the many key props such as the boat rowing across the fog-covered stage, the organ being played by the Phantom, the falling chandelier and a plethora of sound effects.  Professional dancers (American Midwest Ballet) from ballet to contemporary to classical forms brought much energy to the stage, along with a large variation of musical styles sung by some of the most beautiful, wide-ranged voices in the Omaha area. Video and painted backdrops graced the massive walls in scenes, as talent told this classic story at its best, by actors amazingly gifted at their craft, and by very special youth weaving their magic into the ethereal landscape as well.

Raising the glass to another highly successful fantastic production and exquisite performances of our third annual Broadway-like musical production, The Phantom of the Opera!
Congratulations to excellence in teamwork, and a breathtaking presentation!

The Phantom of the Opera 2020

POSTPONED due to Covid-19


"Esther: A Musical Based on the Old Testament Book", an original musical, was performed in March 2019, at the beautiful Kroc Center theater in Omaha, Nebraska.

Esther, an all-original Broadway-like musical production, featured beautiful costumes, stirring imagery, dramatic tension and original music set to a live orchestra.  

Raising the cup to a wonderful production and beautiful performances of our second annual Broadway-like musical production, Esther!  Congratulations for a job well done!

Cinderella 2018 
Cinderella, an original musical, was performed in March of 2018 at the beautiful Kroc Center Theater in Omaha, Nebraska. 

This production received some amazing feedback and fabulous comments about everything from the beautiful costumes to the live orchestra!

"Beautiful and creative twist of a classic story!"

"Great talent displayed here tonight!"

"I actually laughed out loud! Loved it!"

"The costumes were absolutely gorgeous!"

...and one of our favorite comments came from a beautiful young lady around the age of 6, she said,
"Cinderella is my favorite princess and tonight she is REALLY real!"